411 E Lee Street Sardis, MS 38666

Monday - Friday | 9am - 6pm
Saturday | 9am - 2pm
Sunday | Closed

Sardis may not be the largest town in Mississippi but we might have the most special People of any town anywhere! People who care about each other and where families are important. People who go to church and have a natural love of wild, open spaces and farmland. People who know the back roads ... and who enjoy spending our spare time outdoors fishing, hunting and living near Sardis Lake and We couldn't think of a more appropriate name than The People’s Pharmacy.

Our goal at People’s Pharmacy is to make a real connection to every person who visits our pharmacy. You are probably here because you or a loved one is ill. Customer Service must be more than just friendly, it must be efficient and precise. Refills must be consistent. If you ’re ever unsure about a prescription, never hesitate to ask all your questions. We already know our regular customers ... and we look forward to meeting more People like you!